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Nine inch nails released their new tour sampler ninja on their website a few hours ago. If you enjoy them and want to support my music, buy my album as limited edition cd. Nine inch nails ook wel afgekort als ni is een industrial rockband uit. Trent reznor on year zero, planting clues, and whats ludicrous. In this paranoid world, everything worth knowing is a secret. It was the bands last album for interscope, following reznors. It may mark the first time that the advance strategy conceived of and executed, for the most part, by nin auteur trent reznor himself with 42 entertainment became part and parcel of the edifice that is the albums concept. Trent reznor on year zero, planting clues, and whats ludicrous about being a musician today wired contributing editor frank rose interviewed nine inch nails trent reznor at his house in beverly.

Download nine inch nails dvd ntsc all studio albums nin 5. Nin, nine inch nails, year zero, remix, instrumental language english. Posts the nin hotline ninwiki echoing the sound nin catalog. During the 2006 with teeth tour, trent collaborated with peter murphy on a series of radio performances, playing their own songs as well as a variety of covers. Nine inch nails has just released the first volume of their new album ghosts on bittorrent sites as a free download. The slow, burning, narrative that unravels beneath the album like an undertow waiting to drag you down to its depths and suffocate you. Here you find all my nine inch nails remixes for free download. Year zero project the way a viral campaign should be. Nine inch nails sixth studio release, year zero takes the concept album further than it may have ever gone before. A song with the same title appears on the with teeth pdf poster, but is not. The band encourages its fans to share the album with friends, post it. A bleak and unflinching celebration of selfdestruction in the. Download nine inch nailsdiscography torrent or any other torrent from audio music direct download via magnet link. With the addition of future singles head like a hole and sin, many of these demo tracks would later appear in revised form on the bands debut studio album, pretty hate machine.

So if you like them, please concider to donate to help me pay the servercosts. A mere two years after his latest fulllength a mere blip on the nin timeline comes year zero, a disquieting apocalyptic vision largely recorded on the road. Nin launches bittorrent tracker for new release torrentfreak. Trent reznor makes an easily digestible album with hooks galore, heart, and loads of what we have come to expect from nin. Initial ambitions for nine inch nails in 1988 were to release one 12inch single on a small european label. Nine inch nails year zero lyrics and tracklist genius. Official multitrack files for the nine inch nails album year zero released by trent reznor. The album was released in october 1989 and peaked at number 75 on the billboard 200 the following year. At the end of the album version of the song is the static noise that was included at the end of the leaked version of my violent heart, which revealed the presence when ran through a spectrogram. Free nine inch nails fan remix album available via torrent download nin.

Year zero definitive edition 2xlp nine inch nails uk. Year zero also known as halo 24 is the sixth studio album by nine inch nails and was created as a concept album of a dystopian future whats it about. Halo 24 year zero is the fifth studio album by nine inch nails, released april 17, 2007. Halo 24 year zero halo 26 ghosts halo 27 the slip halo 00 kronman dvd ntsc 5. Year zero, the black sheep in reznors discography, is his most underrated album, and probably the. The recordings that are on this drive are in highquality format. In advance of its release, urls were hidden in tour tshirts, music and imagefilled usb drives were found at concerts, and dozens of websites have been packed with conspiracy stories that all involve the year 2022 or year zero. Conceived while touring in support of the bands previous album, with teeth 2005, the album was recorded throughout late2006, and was produced by frontman trent reznor and atticus ross. While record labels bemoan their sad plight, artists like nine inch nails are coming up with creative ways to inject mystery and playfulness into the music promotion game the elaborate campaign for nin s new year zero album 42 entertainment is the agency behind it is a great example of blurring the line between marketing and entertainment. Nine inch nails year zero 2007, digipak, cd discogs. With lyrics written from the perspective of multiple fictitious characters, year zero is a concept album criticizing the united states government s policies and their impact on the.

While the regular quality mp3s can be downloaded straight from their server, the. Nine inch nails uploads new free album on torrent sites. Deviations 1 2016 nine inch nails add violence 2017. I have been working on this drive for about 10 years now. Frank rose interviewed nine inch nails trent reznor at his house in beverly. This is a very heavily distorted reznorspeakers beware. Listen free to nine inch nails year zero hyperpower. As stated before, its a full remaster and im going to definitely classify it as a remix. Industrial dance musics most popular band, led by trent reznor and his gift for cathartic songwriting and pulverizing productions. Recorded in secret to avoid interference from the record label, the followup to pretty hate machine takes an unexpected abrupt turn into sheer aggression. Nine inch nails 2007 release year zero will undoubtedly go down in rock history for the way the recording was marketed before its release.

As a tony scottharry gregssonwilliams fan, nin features heavy in their films and it works so well too. Year zero is a concept album about a dystopian america of the future controlled by a christian theocracy which exorcises complete control over the populace, and drugs it into complacency by introducing an agent into the water supply. Deviations 1 2016 nine inch nails with david bowie back in anger live 2016 nine inch nails the fragile. This song is widely believed to be about the presence. The last interscope release from nine inch nails was a remix album based on material from year zero. Even though its an ep and can be consumed in a brief listen, it belongs on the top shelf of the nine inch nails discography, just under the downward spiral and the fragile. I love the fragile, with teeth and year zero at the moment but all their stuff is fantastically visceral. Nine inch nails uploads new album on torrent sites. The warning is the ninth track on the 2007 release year zero. Download nine inch nails year zero torrent or any other torrent from the audio music. Strategy, tactics, isometric, 3d, turnbased companies. Concept albums of years past tended to wrap characters and themes around a given slate of music to create an easily digestible, ready to consume product. The nine inch nails live archive nin drive is an external hard drive containing all. Although the album was released on april 16, 2007 in europe, and the following day worldwide, the game had been underway since roughly february 12, 2007 and was expected to continue for approximately eighteen months.

Nine inch nails year zero album art nine inch nails. Nine inch nails classic first record, produced by trent reznor with flood, john fryer, keith leblanc and adrian sherwood. Nine inch nails with teeth instrumental 2015 nine inch nails halo iiv 2015 nine inch nails not the actual events ep 2016 nine inch nails the fragile. Broken has some of the heaviest tracks that nin has ever recorded. Shop for vinyl, cds and more from nine inch nails at the discogs marketplace. Halo 24, year zero, nine inch nails language english. To craft this reconfiguration of last years year zero, trent reznor assembled an impressive roster of remixers including the knife, fennesz, kronos. Year zero is the fifth studio album by american industrial rock band nine inch nails, released by interscope records on april 17, 2007. Features song lyrics for nine inch nailss year zero album. This version was created by me for the hopeful intention of having a higher sound quality version of year zero for those who are interested in high dynamic range music, love the album itself which seems to be a lot of people in this sub lol, or both. Nine inch nails fifth studio album, year zero, was released only two years after with teeth, a marked change in the slow pace from the release of previous albums. Friendsweird times indeed as the news seems to turn ever more grim by the hour, weve found ourselves vacillating wildly between feeling like there may be hope at times to utter despair often changing minute to minute. If youre a nine inch nails fan and want to get your hands on nearly every. Frontman trent reznor wrote the albums music and lyrics while touring in support of the groups previous release, with teeth 2005.

Language halo 24 year zero is the fifth studio album by nine inch nails, releasedapril 17, 2007. And he does it better then he has in nearly 15 years. Year zero is a heavy concept album, and it could be argued that many nin albums are, but this one in particular culminates in such a way that you will already be drawn in before you realize what is going on. What angst, this is fun, interesting, dark, and entertaining. Year zero is an alternate reality game arg by american studio 42 entertainment based on the nine inch nails concept album of the same name.

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